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When a girl is getting married, there are a lot of things going on her mind like, dress, makeup, jewelry, photographer, venue, and many other things but these things don’t include knowing the Nikkah Nama, because in our society Nikkah Nama is something Molavi fills out and it is not a big of a deal. Girls are just to be asked Kabool hai? (Do you accept) and that is all a girl should know about Nikkah Nama.

Basically, Nikkah Nama is a social contract a girl is asked to sign and also before groom because at the end of the Nikkah Nama there is plenty of blank space for the girl to add conditions of her choice and “to be groom” has to follow those, which can include your pocket money, divorce conditions, housework, your own job details, living conditions, and any other commitments.

Islam is easy to women but these so called Mullahs made it hard for women just for their own benefits.

Other clauses included in Nikah Nama:

1: The money you make from your job is yours, your husband can not take it from you. The spending of your money should be according to your own will.

2: Husband is bound to pay you pocket money for personal expenses. Other than the home budget.

3: When you breastfeed your child you can ask for money for that as well. It is your right and you don’t deny that.

4: Consent to intimacy and the level of intimacy is also your right.

5: You are under no obligation to give any of your heritage to your husband and neither can he force you to give him.

6: In Islam, the man is to pay for the wedding out of his own pocket.

7: There is no concept of dahej (dowry) Nikkah Nama is the a contract you make with your to be husband for your rights. These rights are given you by Allah and let no one take it away from you.