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Safety pins

An opsss moment can happen anywhere, either with your clothes, shoes and even with the bag you are carrying. Safety pins are must have in your bag.

Thread and needle

If safety pin is no help, there should always be the backup plan.  You can be a cobbler, tailor, and even thread-er (to thread the extra hair on face) to help the situation.

Healthy snack

A person like me who is always hungry and can’t bear the hunger and gets grumpy without food. Yes, then you need to carry healthy snacks in your purse.

Hand Sanitizer

We all like to be healthy and active, that is only possible if we have hygienic habits which include eating with clean hands, therefore, hand sanitizer is a must.


Who doesn’t spill, make a mess around, and have a runny nose? Tissues are your best friends, help you in any kind of messy situation you put yourself into.

Nail cutter

Do you know the feeling of nail chipped? Or broken nail? Yes, you can need a nail cutter at any moment of your life. Also, nail cutter can be used as a safety tool.

Hair brush

Bad hair day? Nah, by having a hair brush in your bag can help you look decent at times.

Hair ties

The kind of region we live in has the weirdest weather you don’t know when it gets windy and make a mess out of your hair. So, spare hair ties in your bag can be the life changer.

A spare natural color lipstick

Out for grocery in casuals but saw someone and you look a total mess? Yes, my friend that’s where you will need a natural color lipstick to at least look reasonable.


Someone is looking at you weirdly and you know there must be something on your face, that’s when the mirror comes in handy.


For all kinds of cuts and scare you get here and there and don’t even notice. Also, helps with the sketchy painful shoes.

 Paper spray

The most importantly carry a paper spray in your bag, you don’t know where you see a creep.