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Recently I got the chance to explore Pakistan by road (thanks to husband).  It was through clean and broken roads, through greenery all around us, through the nature, and the barren. When he first said lets travel by road to Karachi when planning for a visit back home. At first I was nahhh you joking right? Is it even possible (well, yeah kind of stupid question but hey been living my life abroad. So can’t blame me right?). Anyway, the plan got done and my long lost dream of a road trip was about to be real. Yes, I was super excited couldn’t sleep the night before and asking so many question, googling for the tips. There was so much going on like what should we take with us? Pillow? Food? Speakers? Towel? Medicine? Crockery? We wanted to be prepared for next 2 days. Well we decided and packed the stuff and went to sleep “kinda”.

The plan was, we will leave early in the morning around 6 am and by taking breaks in-between we will reach Khanpur to attend a wedding and stay there a day and then leave from there to Karachi. My husband was going to drive the whole time because he doesn’t believe in my driving skills :D. But my only concern was that he could get tired of driving and on mentioning it to him, he replied I am use to it, no big deal.


We left from Islamabad around 10:30ish am, yes this late. Of Course didn’t sleep night before “blame the excitement”. Started form Kashmir highway, and planned to take national highway from Pindi Bhattia. Music was on, smooth and peaceful roads of motorway along with most amazing and beautiful views of fields, hubby was driving, and we talking, laughing, and singing along the songs. It totally seemed like a romantic scene from a Bollywood movie. Dream came true.

Coming back to the trip, first stop was at Bhaira for lunch and for a bit rest after only 4 hours of drive. After freshening up, we started the journey again towards Kanpur.

The person sitting on passenger seat has double the responsibility than the driver. I had to make sure that he doesn’t fall asleep, and trust me I was the one who was more cautious than my husband. I entertained him in anyway possible, by keeping him hydrated and telling him my most kept childhood secret stories and singing out loud “in terrible terrible voice”.

Anyway, we reached the Pindi Bhatia interchange and got lost a bit. But God’s plans are better than ours. We found this really beautiful well with golden fields around it. So, it was must to take picture there and spend a moment of peace. We stopped the car, enjoyed the cold water of it while the sound of well gave the background music. After a moment of appreciation we started our journey again to find the national highway toward Khanpur.


With little effort, we were on our way to Khanpur. We didn’t took any long breaks when driving towards Kanpur, so we could reach Khanpur as soon as possible.

After 8 hours of drive we reached Khanpur around 11ish pm but now we had to drive to this village which was about 2 hours away Kanpur but the road (steep two way traffic road) was all blocked of sugarcane trollies. We reached the village at 2am.18058203_1813585321988840_5671392151552271620_n


Finally we get to rest.

To be continued….