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Happy women’s day but every women’s day there are so many question which comes to my mind, questions of women safety, questions of their rights, and most importantly questions of mentality of Pakistani men toward their women. Our society has always treated a woman inadequate and less of a person but the question is, has this changed? The answer is NO.  It really showed the real face of most of Pakistani men.

You can always tell about societies by observing how they treat their women. I don’t understand how one can molest or even abuse a women, when you are brought to this world by a women. What if there was no sister, no mother, and no wife, where would you be?

We need women and men both to lead our country towards betterment of Pakistan. We need to understand, how this behavior is a hurdle in our progress. It is time when we start defending and respecting our women, valuing them as our sister, our mothers, and our daughters. Most importantly treat them like any other human being but not a toy on which you can get your frustration out. It is about time we start doing something about the issue for the sake of our society and for the sake of our country’s progress, most importantly for the sake of HUMANITY. We need to educate our people to treat everyone equal, women or men we are all human being and we all have the same rights.

Home is a child’s first school, where he or she learn the basic ideas of our society including the difference between gender roles. In our household it is normal routine where sister has to do all the housework as the boys don’t do anything related to housework chores and also boys get big and special portion of food than girls, this is how we teach our kids that females are lesser than males, so they should be treated accordingly.

This is where we need to bring the change, where we need to educate our kids about gender equality. Treat kids equally tell them to do the same amount and kind of chores around the house. Also be a good example for your children by behaving respectfully and correspondingly toward your sister, mother, daughter, and wife because children learn from us. If we want healthy and progressed society than we have to make strict laws of gender equality and enforce as soon as possible. Also our women are needed to be educated about their own rights. Mostly women are unaware of their rights which makes it worst case scenario. She needs to know her rights to raise her voice against the brutality of men. We need to secure our women enough that they don’t hesitate to stand for themselves by enforcing the laws and also by educating men and women